Oh lordy its not even December yet woman

This is what himself normally says but obvs now we have the shop its all different, Christmas is in ya face forever.

So if you have clicked on the shop it is filling up with tasteful autumnal and winter pieces which slowly merge into full on in your face Christmas before you know it.

So apart from pre Christmas fest what else has been happening i hear you ask... well in a moment of sheer madness we ( i ) decided we should take on the empty shop next door to us for Christmas and to be able to do covid safe workshops. Its coming on well and we hope that we will be opening in the next week, with covid we cant really have a big opening do but we are planning a little something.

I have also done another shoot, i will share more about these soon but for now just imagine me in unsuitable footwear in a muddy field with other wedding types and a ton of foliage... sounds amazing eh.

So that's about it for now, go check out our web shop update and fill ya boots or baskets

much love as always

Sara x

image by KatieSidellphotography

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