Well hello...

Late Summer flowers

So after so many months i have finally managed to finish my website... pass the gin!

Please excuse the lack of content but i am working my way through slowly, its a long hard slog.

With all that is happening i figured it was best to press that go live button sooner rather than never... i guess you can keep putting things off for ever and if you are waiting for that perfect moment, well it may never come.

I feel the same about the flowers i use in my work, no point saving the good roses for best i say, if you can afford them then get them, don't settle for mediocre if you don't have too.

A little bit about me, well i was born in a tiny place called Chinley in the High Peak, i have had many interesting jobs but a change in direction a few years ago lead to my partner and myself starting a decorative interiors business in Whaley Bridge, i was a florist many years ago and it was never the original plan to return... the hours are long and for most of the time it is soooo cold.

Anyway twists in fate happen and we opened a shop in 2018, 2019 saw the epic dam incident in Whaley Bridge and we wondered what the world could send us next.... i can honestly say the pandemic was not on my list of maybes. All this has taught me there is no point waiting for that perfect time, for that perfect day to wear your best top, don't save those shoes for tomorrow... so wear them now... do it now.

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